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Ten Really Good Reasons Not to Have Kids

Nearly one in four parents (22%) say that if they could do it over they would not have children, according to a Dear Abby poll. Dr. Phil found that 40% of parents "would not have children if they knew the problems in creating a family."

Don't become one of those people.

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The Environmental Case for Being Childfree

Every one of us contributes to the destruction of Earth's environment. We all consume resources and generate waste. One way to quantify each individual's impact on the environment is a "carbon footprint" (you can measure yours here). Americans' carbon footprints hugely exceed the international average.

Some people who choose not to have children cite preserving the environment as a reason for their decision. Personally I consider it more of a free gift with purchase -- I chose not to have kids because I didn't want kids, and as a bonus I am not creating more Americans to add pressure to our environment.

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New Moms Shouldn’t Face Discrimination — Or Get Extra Perks — In The Workplace

The judge who ruled that Bloomberg LP did not illegally discriminate against women for taking pregnancy leave raised an important policy question in her written opinion. Judge Preska did not drop "an anvil…on the work-life balance scale," despite commentators' efforts to portray her decision as a calculated blow against work-life balance; in deciding in Bloomberg's favor, all she did was follow the existing law. In her commentary, however, she questioned the wisdom of the law itself, and noted that one alternative might be for employers to "treat pregnant women and mothers better or more leniently than others." Judge Preska did not say whether she thinks that would be a good idea. It is a dreadful idea.

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Childfree Without Regrets

Laura Carroll posted a well-researched argument that parents are more likely to regret their decision than people who choose not to have kids. I hope this encourages the nudges out there to stop telling the childfree that we will regret our decision when it's too late -- like the doctor who pushed and pushed a childfree friend of mine to freeze some sperm before his vasectomy. Thanks for the advice, but we don't need the ice.

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A Psychologist Considers Why The Childfree Might Be Happier

Psychologist Ellen Walker proposes five explanations for her finding that childfree people are happier than parents. Here they are in her words:

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