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Photo credit: Gili GetzThis site offers support, information, and some laughs for people who have decided not to have kids or are considering making that choice. Parents are welcome!

I am a joyfully childfree writer, attorney, and animal lover. I live in New York with my darling husband of close to two decades and two over-privileged cats.

You can find me at Choosing Childfree on Facebook and @ChoosingNoKids on Twitter.

I believe that everyone should think carefully and look hard within before deciding to have children. Parenthood is the wrong decision for some and the right decision for others, but for everyone it should be just that — a decision, not something they do because that is what people do.

A Note on Comments: I will not post comments that contain ad hominem attacks on other commenters, me, or anyone else.

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  1. AmyInNH #

    While on the other side of this,
    Bernie Sanders says we have an approximately 33% unemployment rate for those under 35. Can we claim it’s a choice, to have no children, given the ludicrous “gig” boom/bust wholly unstable economy the West/Westernized have left the young as their dysfunctional legacy?
    For those who have kids, are people working 70 hours parents?

    January 2, 2020

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