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Guest Post: Is Everyone Qualified to Be a Parent? A New Play Imagines What If…Not.

A play opening in Los Angeles next week examines a world where the government allows only those it considers qualified to become parents. "The Interview" is by Susan Josephs. Guest poster Sharon Goldman reports.

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Guest Post: A Dad’s Choice to Have Children

Guest blogger and dad Jason Greene on his choice to have children.

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Another Reason Not to Be a Mom: They Get Blamed for Everything

One more reason for women not to have kids: those who do get a raw deal. We all know the stereotype about mothers causing their children’s psychological problems. Scientific experiments now show that women could harm not just their children, but their grandchildren and great-grandchildren — even without meeting them — just by being stressed.

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Are Childfree People Destroying America?

The U.S. economy is growing too slowly for the taste of many commentators, and some have decided that childfree people are the reason. Claims abound that the childfree are dragging population numbers down and that our growing ranks will devastate the economy, because more people are the key to economic growth.

The issue is more complicated than that. This post lays out some of the arguments of what I’ll call the “pronatalists,” who are in favor of Americans having more children, and counter-arguments.

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I’m a woman who chose, some 15 years ago, not to have kids. I have caught a lot of crap for it.

Some reactions are patronizing -- “oh, you’ll change your mind.” Some are consoling -- “you still have time." The response that surprised me most first came from a co-worker I did not know well. “That is so selfish!” She actually yelled it.

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